List of current and past startups

Below is a list of companies that have participated in the Innovate Accelerator

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Aug - Nov

Accelerator Programme for 2017 runs


Muraadso is an online e-commerce and retail company, with a specific focus on electronics, making it easier for people to buy online. Entrepreneur & Founder: Saed Mohamed Jama

Guriyagleel Rentals and Property

Guriyagleel Rentals and Property Management is an online real estate company which is in its start-up phase (7 months old). Co-founded by three young entrepreneurs, Guri Yagleel aims to incorporate Somaliland’s real estate sector with technology. Currently, the company operates fully in Hargeisa where its one and only office is based. Entrepreneur & Founder: Muhiyadin Dayib Ali


SomSite is a one-stop shop for your web-hosting, domain registration, web design, SEO, digital marketing and branding. Entrepreneur & Founder: Sacad Abdi

Hargeisa Daily

Hargeisa Daily provides media management software to target Somali consumers to engage and reach them. Entrepreneur & Founder: Mohamed Anwar

Xasuus Reeb

Xasuus Reeb is a wedding & event planning startup company that caters to weddings, holy unions, anniversaries, etc for brides, grooms and family members. Entrepreneur & Founder: Hibo Mohamed (pictured), Rahma Ali, Hibo Abdillahi Omaar & Ayaan Muhumed

iTech Solutions

iTech Solutions is a B2B startup offering IT solutions to businesses to enable them to grow faster. Entrepreneur & Founder: Abdulaziz Suudi


ePocket is an electronic payment service provider that connects local mobile money wallets like zaad, edahab, etc to international prepaid cards. Once you have ePocket account you can activate an international prepaid card and load your funds to that account to enable international purchasing and selling. Entrepreneur & Founder: Mohamed Dahir (pictured) and Musawi Abdallah

Somaliland Raspberry Pi

SOMRAS is the first Raspberry Pi hardware company in Somaliland offering Raspberry PI powered services to consumers. SOMRAS intends to provide affordable computers that can be used to learn technology. Entrepreneur & Founder: Subeer Muse Awale


Zapi is an online payments system built on top of Telesom’s Zaad mobile payments service that will allow businesses to setup their websites to process payments. Zapi's instant payments verification solution hopes to fill the missing link necessary to make running an e-commerce business in Somaliland as simple as it would be anywhere else in the world. Entrepreneur & Founder: Mustafa Saeed Haji Ali

Anfac Software

Anfac Software offers software such as browsers, online courses and chat apps to Somali users. Entrepreneur & Founder: Hamze Abdirahman


Somdeveloper makes easy accounting systems to keep track of financial activities, maintain business records and subsequently gain reliable financial reports. Entrepreneur & Founders: Saed Ismail Hashi (pictured), Mohamed Abdi Aden, Fahad Ahmed Hassan