At Innovate Ventures

We supercharge Somali startups by providing training, mentoring, funding and access to a wide range of business and financial resources.

Our story

Innovate Ventures is the leading Somali startup accelerator and early-stage startup fund supporting ambitious startups who use technology to change the world. Through our accelerator programme we invest in and support great teams with cool ideas to help build a world-class business through an intensive three-month programme.

Innovate Ventures was founded 2012, and it is a vehicle to supercharge and accelerate start-ups in Somalia and Somaliland. We support the next wave of Somali entrepreneurs and aim to catalyze the startup eco-system in the Somali region.

Why choose us

To achieve a long lasting and sustainable economic and social transformation in Somaliland and Somalia we must empower people, create opportunities for prosperity and provide them with the necessary tools and resources. Innovate Ventures’ objective is to support, accelerate and grow the Somali startup scene and accelerate the growth of startups to help create employment opportunities, and improve the investment climate in the country. The sum of this is sustainable social and economic transformation that will put Somaliland and Somalia on a path to prosperity, innovation, and better livelihoods.

Who do we help?

Innovate Ventures seeks out startups and entrepreneurs with great ideas. We look for early-stage startups who have the potential for growth, and select them for our annual startup accelerator programme. Startups are selected based on their idea, the quality of the team, and traction to date. Startups selected for the three-month accelerator programme receive support and advice to help build, test and launch their business. From the startup fund, we provide equity investment from $2,000 - $10,000.

Our Partners

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